Inspirations...  Art Exhibition

In collaboration with Żabbar Local Council 


Żabbar Local Council would be hosting an art exhibition Inspirations... consisting of watercolour and ink drawings of Bernice Buhagiar. The artist, whose drawings depict various Maltese and Gozitan landscapes, radiate versatility and beauty through strength and spontaneity, which characterise the Maltese culture. In her opinion, the Maltese  islands have much more to offer than just sea, sun and sand (as usually advertised) and she aims to increase the public’s awareness for our prestigious surroundings, most of which are rooted back to a rich history.


Inspirations...also consists of the artistic work of a group of young budding artists, whose age ranges from 3 to 12 years, under Bernice Buhagiar’s tuition. These children have been studying famous artists, including Caravaggio, Van Gogh, Klimt and Dali and have produced paintings and drawings inspired by each artist’s unique style. Furthermore, they will be exhibiting craft work, including clay models, Paper Mache and clocks which are all made up of recycled and natural resources, proving that art and craft truly improve our island and educate the audience through an indirect message. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the way these young budding artists view the exterior world!

Inspirations... would be officially launched on Friday 2nd September by the Mayor Mr Domenic Agius and would run till Sunday 11th September.

For more info visit: www.bernicebuhagiar.yolasite.com




(Inspired by Caravaggio)

Poster Paint



Kindly visit Gallery Pages for a view of the children's work, which would be exhibited during Inspirations... Art Exhibition



Overlooking the Grand Harbour

Gardjola, Senglea

Pen and Watercolour

Bernice Buhagiar



The official opening at Żabbar Local Council by Mr Domenic Agius and Mro John J Pace.

Blessed by Fr Joe Abela. 

Above: The children's exhibits.

Above: Some of the pen and watercolour drawings of Bernice Buhagiar


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