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The benefits of Art and Crafts 


Art and crafts can be very rewarding towards child development and character building. Picasso once stated: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” And it is true. Humans are all born with an innate openness (just look at how innocent and open pre-school children are!) Humans feel the need of expressing self creatively. One should only look at very young children’s drawings- they are spontaneous and speak the mind and soul of the child. However, most of us, as we grow up, receive negative influence due to mistaken views or stereotypes and this would usually end in the child putting his artistic talent aside. Yes, it is talent. Every child is born an artist. And it is up to us to keep watering and growing with care that budding artistic talent, which in some years’ time can influence positively the future society. 


Through art and crafts children would certainly learn how to be creative and see things through a different lens. They learn different techniques, how to use everyday objects differently and to produce interesting designs, patterns and textures. Through this children will learn how to express themselves while not being afraid of making a statement and being unique. This eliminates the fear of criticism, low self-esteem and self-consciousness. Through art and crafts children surely develop confidence and a positive self-image, through which they learn more about themselves.


Through building an art or crafts project, children will learn that not always everything goes as planned. They need to learn how to act spontaneously and change plans as they get along, according to any unplanned situation which arises (such as the paper gets town due to too much water or the clay cracks.) These incidents help them build perseverance skills- the skills they need to handle frustrations, keep on trying and not give up. Through art and crafts children also develop a sense of delayed gratification, where they are able to wait rather than wanting results NOW! Since art and crafts projects are usually built step by step and are not finished at one go, they will learn to plan, complete their task and look forward to (anticipate) the results they have worked so hard for.  


On a general note, art and crafts also aid concentration and stimulates children’s senses, which are the gateway to the exterior world. They will also learn how to interact with each other and build relationships in a friendly and calm atmosphere.However, apart from all these benefits of art and crafts, most of all being creative and artistic is just about being yourself and having fun!!


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