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Budding Artists Art and Crafts Lessons focus on the joy of creativity and art. Lessons are dynamic, interactive and child-centered and each child moves at his own pace, exploring textures, techniques and styles while letting himself go. All the budding artists who attend look forward to the lessons since it is great fun!

Apart from learning and developing artistic and creative skills, each child has formed a part of a community, since strong friendships are formed, both between children themselves and also with the teacher, Ms. Bernice Buhagiar, who like to describe herself as dynamic like her lessons she offers to the little ones! Ms Bernice is a full-time teacher, and also an emerging artist herself. For more info please visit www.bernicebuhagiar.com or go to the LINKS page.

Art and crafts lessons cater for children aged between 3 and 12 years old. Yes, children as young as 3 are able to express themselves through art. We make a huge mistake of underestimating them, since they have lots to teach us. Prepare to be stunned! Many, and believe me, MANY techniques, materials and resources are used, together with recycled objects where their proper use is given another dimension. Please visit the Gallery pages to get a better idea of the art and craft work.

This will be the fifth year of Budding Artists Art and Crafts and lessons are as bubblier as ever. Take a peek below to see where the children put their brains and hands to work....



Our art studio =)


Our art studio with which we are very proud!  


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