Crafts Gallery


The main aim of crafts is to promote the 3R's awareness, that is, to reduce, reuse and recycle. Through these Crafts the children have proven that creating objects using recycled material is fun and successful, while widening Malta's environment smile!


Easter Bunnies...ain't they cheeky and cute at the same time?

March 2012

Card Making

December 2011

Father Christmas Wooden Spoon Puppets

December 2011

The cribs are ready!! Check them out....

December 2011

Crib Figures

December 2011

 Check out these SOOOO CUTE crib figures made entirely out of recycled material- toilet paper rolls, bits of fabric and lots of other odds!!!

Summer Course (July - September 2011)



Tie-Dye Sunny T-Shirts

Replanishing a boring t-shirt using dye colour and yarn!




Awesome Eggs

Creating an awesome personality by modelling an egg cup using Air-Drying clay and painting on empty egg shells filled with Plaster of Paris!



Rocky Seaside Handprint

Making a hanging statement by making an handprint mould out if clay and then filling in with Plaster of Paris, food colouring, pebbles and shells.




Personalised Storage Box

Transforming a useless empty shoe box into a personalised storage box with newspaper, used stamps and glue!



Friendly Bookends

Giving some company to the books on the bookshelf with these friendly bookends, which were created by filling empty cans and containers with rocks and pebbles, together with the help of fabric scraps, buttons and lengths of yarn!



Pirates, puppies, Hawaiin dancers, aliens... you guess which is which!! :-) 


What's the Time please?

Transforming a shoebox into a marvellous custom-made hanging clock with an inserted clock mechanism!


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