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Check out the Children at Work pages to get a better view how these art pieces where created and also to view other art projects which are not listed here. The process throughout which the children are learning new experiences is more important than the finished painting itself!

 Magazine inspirations
March 2012

Still Life 

September 2011

Summer Course (July - September 2011)



Pen & Watercolour drawings

Adding water to poster paints and observing the effect and movement of the paint.

Creating watery seacapes...and of course- boats, Venetian gondolas, luzzu,   fishing nets... sharks and scubadivers!! :-)



Inspiration from Salvador Dali's paintings

 Creating imaginary creatures from different body parts or giving objects a human quality. Everything is possible in the world of surrealism... very similar to the world of art really!! :-) 




Inspiration from Claude Monet's paintings

Creating Broken Images of nature using bold, vibrant and strong strokes. Such moving and breathing images!


Figure drawing and portraiture

Inspiration from Sandro Botticelli's paintings

Learning about facial and figura proportions... while immersing in mythology, legends and the beautiful paintings of Sandro Botticelli!



Inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh's paintings; Using Gesso on Canvas and the Impasto technique

Exploring the joy of texture thanks to the flexible Gesso and the groovy palette knife :-)


Designing Pattterns

Inspiration from Gustav Klimt's paintings - the use of gold leaf for an illuminating effect


Creating interesting patterns, often with the use of shapes and colours!


Mixed Media on Paper

Drawing Our Lady of Graces to celebrate Her feast, as well as an act of gratitude for the past Summer and the exhibition launch.

Drawing Our Lady of Graces for the occasion of the local feast (Ħaż-Żabbar) while extending human figure and portraiture skills, and exploring the use of gold leaf (gold paper) to create symbols, patterns and designs. 



Scraping wacky designs to reveal the colour underneath!!! 

Cool or what??


The Play of Shadow and Light

Inspiration from Caravaggio's Ciaroscuro technique


The play of shadow and light. Watch out for the contrast!!


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